Truthathon – Conquering Darkness Part 1 – A Poetic Warm Up

On March 30th, 2024, Counterspin Media presented its epic Truthathon event, a hard-hitting journey through the most confronting and controversial information available. 

Co-hosts Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer aimed to take viewers on an unforgettable journey through time, exposing the truth behind nefarious schemes such as the New World Order’s United Nations to the WEF, WHO, WTO, IMF, and other 3 letter NGOs. 

The Great Awakening is here, but only if we stand shoulder to shoulder against dark forces that seek to suppress it. 

With a lineup of world-class guests and contributors, Counterspin Media brought viewers the truth and solutions like never before. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of history – watch the play for play replays.

In part 1, Kelvyn and Hannah outlined the guest list (below) followed by writer  and poet Mike B reading some of his  works  that reflect the times we are living through.

Counterspin will be tidying up the live stream and breaking it down into guest by guest sections.

The full program:

1215hrs – Mike Bee, Counterspin Writer and Poet

1230hrs – Kym Staton, Filmmaker ‘The Last Fall’ Assange Movie (AU)

1300hrs – Maria Zeee, Journalist Zeee Media (AU)

1400hrs – Aussie Cossack, Journalist (AU)

1500hrs – William Bisset, Director of Brilin Clinic (NZ), interviewing Dr. David Walsh (Biological dentist) 

1600hrs – William Bisset interviewing, Ross Hebblewaithe

1630hrs – Operation Good Oil (OPO), CAFE (Collective Action for Energy Security) (NZ)

1700hrs – Samantha Costello, Journalist – Barry Young, Whistleblower (NZ) – James Roguski, Stop the World Health Organisation

1800hrs – Dr Mark Bailey, Author – The Final Pandemic: An Antidote to Medical Tyranny (NZ)

1900hrs – Greg Reese, Journalist (US)

2000hrs – Sasha Latypova, Pharmaceutical Executive (US)

2100hrs – Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Microbiologist (GER)

2200hrs – Mark Quinn, Challenging Councils NZ

2230hrs – Johnny Vedmore, TNT Radio Host

2300hrs – Ken O’Keefe,  former US Marine 

2330hrs – Tanya Lat, Lawyer – Philippines 

2345hrs – Iris Koh, ‘Healing the divide’ – Singapore


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