The Samantha Costello Report #11 – Weapon Systems of the Great Reset

Direct Energy Weapons are being used more and more frequently, as the globalists continue their onslaught upon humanity.

Cities that don’t comply with their tyrannical demands, are finding themselves utterly devastated by DEW inflicted earthquakes, fires, storms and floods.

However – as UK DEW expert Mark Steele explains to Samantha Costello, their most nefarious and catastrophic weapon system is smaller scale, and is right outside your door.

A 5g mesh network now blankets the earth, a control and depopulate system – facilitated through the worldwide installation of the new LED streetlight system. 

These lights emit the exact optical frequency that communicates with, and instructs the Darpa hydrogel in the fake covid vaccines.

Mark explains this system’s connection to the sudden increase in aggressive cancers, atonic and “covid spiral of death” seizures, infertility – as well as a multitude of other serious health injuries… all intended to depopulate humanity.

The other important aspect of the globalist agenda is also discussed; the bankrupting of our local councils. 

A subjugation strategy – to force our councils to implement further globalist mechanisms, to ensure the continuation of the cull.

But most importantly, Mark shares tried and tested solutions, to equip us in our push-back against the evils being perpetrated upon us.

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