The Ardern Family Tyranny in Paradise – Tokelau Whistleblowers Speak Out

Tokelauans are blowing the whistle on the house arrest they have been enduring for the past year due to being unjabbed.

In this episode we focus in on this story which should be headline news around the world.

We give the backstop of the Ardern family involvement & how the U.N agenda is rolling out in this tiny island nation.

A Tokelauan midwife joins us to discuss her shock and horror at what is happening to her people.

Liz Gunn, ex-MSM, now from Free NZ shares what she has learned from her extensive coverage of this issue & how MSM are twisting the story.

Dot Watson, a concerned Social Worker shares her concerns for the mental well-being of those locked in their homes, especially the children, whose parents are considering sending them off the island so they can be free.

The best bits of our recent interview with the Tokelau whistle-blowers will wrap the show up.


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