Samantha Edwards Reports #8 – Winston Rides Again

A foray into the political manoeuvrings of veteran New Zealand politician, Winston Peters.

Did you know that Winston Peters played a pivotal role in the 2020 abortion bill – which is the most extreme in the entire world?

Did you know he also played a central role in the successful passing of the extreme euthanasia bill – passed in 2019?

This exposé reveals that Winston has actually a key player in the facilitation of many globalist agendas in our nation… far beyond what most are aware of.

We look at his deeply byzantine  involvement with:

– the extreme abortion bill,

– the extreme euthanasia bill,

– the WHO, and Winston’s signing of NZ to Covax,

– his strong support of mandatory vaccination,

– his promises to open the market to big pharma with another $1.3 billion,

– his signing of the UN Global Migration Compact, 

– the writing and implementing of the new LGBGTQ+ sexuality guidelines in schools,

– the Serious Fraud Office case against NZ First Foundation, and connections leading back to the same players in my last video “Election Psyops”, such as Cam Slater and VFF.

We also take a trip down memory lane, and revisit some of Winston’s previous campaign trail promises, – such as ditching TPPA and 1080, plus much more.

Is Winston Peters a fickle politician, who just can’t help but make over-enthusiastic promises to get himself into Parliament, – or is he playing a role?

Is he truly the anti-establishment champion he’s presenting as, – or is he simply channelling the disenchanted back into the machine, – with more false promises?

This information is provided in the hope that all will be able to make a genuinely informed vote, come Election Day.



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