Samantha Edwards Reports #6: Let Him Through – Brett Power’s Story

Let Him Through – Brett Power’s Story

Samantha Edwards Reports #6

“Let Him Through” is the story of a man who dared to hold the NZ government to account.

On the 4th February, 2022, Brett Power brought a charge sheet against our government. 

Charges that were based on his professional analysis of the Pfizer clinical trials documents, and supported by Rory Nairn’s autopsy report.

His claim was accepted and filed in the High Court.

Five days later, Brett travelled to Wellington, and attempted to peacefully serve Minister Andrew Little, as per his legal requirement, (and right) to do so.

His rights were refused, and instead, he was met with police brutality, arrested and charged. The court case pertaining to those charges has recently concluded. 

During that case, Brett did what he came to do, – which was to present the undeniable proof of harm and corruption contained in the Pfizer clinical trials documents before a judge. The case was completely ignored by mainstream media, despite the Crown’s heavy investment. As Brett explains, they have a lot to hide.

Despite mainstream media’s attempts to conceal this case, leaked audio recordings from the court hearing have been sent to Counterspin Media. 

You will have an opportunity to hear them in this story, – a story of a compassion, courage, and what it means to be a true activist for truth and justice.

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