Samantha Edwards Reports: 5G Weapon Systems with Mark Steele

Samantha Edwards Reports #4

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing an hour with Mark Steele from the UK, as he downloaded his knowledge and advice for our nation, as it rapidly heads into the age of 5G.

Mark is an electronic weapons expert, a scientist, a 5g expert, and all round freedom-fighting, God-fearing powerhouse of a man. 

Mark takes us through the true intentions of the 5g network. As he explains, – it was never about telecommunications.

He calls it “an electronic weapons system, masquerading as a telecommunication network”.

He also describes it as a “target acquisition system”, that is now all around us, in New Zealand cities. In our homes, our phones, our streetlights, on our buildings, and in our bodies. 

Mark explains about how the jab is the connectivity required to determine and finalise our status as the targets of this target acquisition system.  

When you hear him speak, you’ll see has more than enough knowledge and experience to back up this claim. Moreover… Mark has also experienced quite a few victories against this agenda, and here, he shares how he accomplished those victories.

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