Samantha Edwards Report – Unmasking the Smart City Agenda

The Samantha Edwards Report #3

We are about to be ushered into the age of “Managed Retreat” into Smart Cities, – otherwise known as “Resilient Cities”, or “Sustainable Cities”. The age of globalist tyranny like never before. This agenda has nothing to do with the climate. It’s ALL about control, tracking, and surveillance. This documentary takes us through several aspects of the truth about Smart Cities, and their associated technologies.

It covers:

• The “Climate Emergency” lie, and the false climate change narrative

• Managed Retreat

• Digital ID

• Central Bank Digital Currency

• The building of infrastructure to facilitate future perpetual lockdown, which includes weaponry to subdue citizens.

• Smart City technologies which will monitor, track, and report your every move.

• Enforcement legislation of coming digital technologies.

• ULEZ, and other mechanisms to severely restrict freedom of movement… and the rising resistance!

• The plans to eradicate the use of fossil fuels.

• Social Credit and Carbon Scores.

• The feasibility of the suggestion that geo-engineered weather disasters are being perpetrated, in order to justify Managed Retreat, and the application of the “build back better” plan. A plan that aims to bring all people into Smart City regions.

• The World Economic Forum, United Nations, and the World Health Organisation’s involvement in the coming technocratic totalitarian One-World oligarch rule.

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