Right to Truth Ep. 01: New Zealand Government Approved Child Abuse?

Long time Counterspin Media contributor William Bisset of the Brilin Functional Medicine Centre (https://brilin.co.nz) is now launching his new series “Right to Truth” on the Counterspin Media channel. William labelled this edition as “Labour Approved Child Abuse” referring to the NZ Labour Party currently in power. At Counterspin Media, we have retitled this “New Zealand Government Approved Child Abuse” as it take more than one party to tango:

Is this going too far: ‘Labour approved child abuse’? Some might call this ‘School approved brain- washing’? Or is this a genuine move to protect children from a virus that does not seem to exist?

What do you think? Both? Neither? a part of agenda 2030 maybe?

Please give us your feedback on William’s interview with Ross. They say this is not just another mask video, they wonder if it is time for a call to action for parents and the community to protect the children.

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