No More Control March on Parliament – 9 November

Over 20,000 Freedom loving Kiwis marched on the New Zealand parliament representing thinking people from all walks of life, to voice their deep concern and anger over the tyrannical control being imposed on New Zealanders without any morale mandate. While the arrogant treasonous cowards hid inside the peoples beehive, good people in their thousands amassed outside. As expected neither, the PM or any member of parliament had the guts to front up and listen to the voice of the people. Instead the main stream media propaganda machine paid and bought for with tax payer dollars, were at it again in desperation, spewing the usual narrative full of the usual buzzwords, and lies about the march. Unfortunately for them and their masters, those who attended the March saw the truth, and the live video coverage has gone viral worldwide revealing the facts, and has exposed the evil liars for who they are, as they dig their way deeper into the hot black hole of no return.