REPLAY: Mother of all Protests – 21 November 2021

Live stream from Sunday’s Groundswell New Zealand’s “Mother of all Protests” event with feeds from Auckland and Whangarei. While the event happened right across the country with a great turnout, we can’t help but feel this was a very watered down occasion with protesters called out to protest the government while obeying all the rediculous government mandates.

Isn’t is about time the various protest groups across the country worked out that the core issue is a dictatotiral government rolling out a globalist agenda and the only solution is to go down to parliament and camp there until the whole rotten lot is thrown out from the top down and a new system built from the bottom up?

Since Groundswell has turned out to be a damp squib, will a stronger and more resilent leadership emerge to detirmine NZ’s future? Counterspin talked to many people on this rally today and we feel that the people are ready to demand big changes.