Operation Moscow – Despatch #3: The Conference Wrap Up

Counterspin was invited to attend The Second Congress of the International Russophile Movement titled Multipolarity Forum in Moscow. It was organised by the International Russophile Movement and supported by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Administration of the President of Russia.

Today we update you on Kelvyn’s second and final day at the conference.  

Kelvyn joins us with one of our new friends Ahmed Yosef from Egyptian TV. They give us further insights into the conference and describe how many great conversations were had during the breaks. The level of honest conversations that were had amongst people from many different cultures and backgrounds has been very inspiring as the people of the world unite against the attempted globalist takeover.  

Kelvyn got a tip off about what might be happening behind the scenes with Julian Assange. We look forward to hearing far more about what happened behind the scenes when Kelvyn gets back to New Zealand. 

The conference has been shadow banned by big tech and legacy media. And as we went to record this despatch we got the news that one of New Zealand’s biggest corporate news rooms was letting go of 300 staff. For a long time CSM has been saying MSM is dead and this was very much a theme at the conference. And now we are witnessing the fall in real time. 

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, sent a message to the conference via his Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who addressed the attendees. 

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