Operation Moscow – Despatch #1: Departure

Counterspin is the biggest threat to the New Zealand deep state. Imagine how crazy the they will be when they see us in Russia. 

Kelvyn Alp is on our biggest global assignment yet, with Operation Moscow! 

Counterspin was invited to attend a conference in Moscow hosted by the International Russophile Movement. 

We have dreamed of going to Russia to bring you the stories legacy/corporate media refuse to tell you and now that dream is becoming a reality. 

President Putin is demonized the world over. Will Kelvyn get a chance to ask him any questions? Will Sergey Lavrov finally grant us the interview we have been requesting for almost 2 years? 

What are the people like on the streets of Moscow? Do they really want Putin to lead WW3? 

In this first despatch, we hear how sanctioned Russia is… 

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