Operation Moscow #5 – Conversation with Dr Atapol from Thailand

Our Special Assignment in Russia continues. Whilst the Multipolarity Forum has wrapped up, Kelvyn will stay a few extra days in Moscow.

In this despatch we have his interview with Dr Atapol Sughondhaborom, M.D. from Thailand who has inside knowledge about the medical condition and treatment of the Thai Princess, who looks to have been jab injured.

In addition, we invited former Senior law Lecturer Amy Benjamin to stop by to put the conference in its larger geopolitical and “infowar” context.

As usually happens with our conversations with Amy, the discussion is no holds barred and wide ranging.

Topics addressed include the NZ Deputy Leaders’s obvious ignorance of the Ukraine situation. The difference between genuine multipolarity and the fake version of multipolarity (“global diversity”) propounded by the globalists. And, what we can expect in 2024 as far as worldwide political developments are concerned.

At the end of our conversation Amy recognises the quality of our work and makes a generous call for financial support for our operation for which we are grateful.


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