NZ 2023 Election Special #2/5: The Election Integrity Project with Tracy Livingston

How confident are you that our elections are managed and counted correctly, without any manipulation or skullduggery.

In the United States we have have seen massive election fraud take place before our very eyes. How could Donald Trump win more votes than Barack Obama, only to be beaten by the with witless and corrupt Now Biden who campaigned from his basement with full cover of the media? Those of us who were watching saw the Trump majorities on election night vanish at 3 am as the election watchers were forced out of the counting rooms and thousands of mail-in ballots for Biden magically appeared.

Even in New Zealand, many of us wondered why all the South Island farmers’ wives party voted en mass for Labour just to keep the Greens out, as was was speculated broadly in our media.

So, if you are a skeptic but want to see that our elections are managed and run properly, why not volunteer to be an election scrutineer?

In this special report, we hear from Tracy Livingston from the Election Integrity Project calling for volunteer scrutineers to help keep our elections clean. 

For more information about becoming an election scrutineer visit these official election sites:

The Electoral Commission:

Scrutineer Handbook:

For more information about becoming a scrutineer with the Election Integrity Project, contact Tracy directly at [email protected]


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