NZ 2023 Election Special #2/4 : Leighton Baker – Leighton Baker Party 

The NZ general election is 6 weeks away, and it’s all about the minor parties. 

Will they unite as one, or are they stronger as independent organisations?

We continue bringing you coverage of those largely ignored by the MSM in an attempt to get your questions answered. 

In this second special, we are joined by 4 minor party leaders:


You can see them all on the full show here:

Maki Herbert – Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

Michael Avenell – Rock the Vote NZ

Brian Tamaki – Freedoms NZ

Leighton Baker – Leighton Baker Party

We discuss their campaigns, what their main policies are, how the MSM is treating them, whether they are getting cut through beyond the freedom movement, and, will they ever unite to take on the establishment parties. 

This is a great second round. Look for our polls on Telegram, Twitter/X & Gab to vote for who you think did the best. Who do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments.

Also, we hear from Tracy Livingston from the Election Integrity Project calling for volunteer scrutineers to help keep our elections clean. Contact Tracy at [email protected]


You can find our previous minor party leaders episode here:

NZ 2023 Election Special #1 : Sue Grey, Hannah Tamaki, Liz Gunn, Matt King :


This, and all previous episodes are available here:

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