NZ 2023 Election Special #1 : Sue Grey, Hannah Tamaki, Liz Gunn, Matt King

The NZ general election is 2 months away and it’s all about the minor parties. Will they unite as one or are they stronger as independent organisations? We thought we would start bringing you coverage of those largely ignored by the MSM in an attempt to get your questions answered. 

In this first special, we are joined by 4 minor party leaders. 

Sure Grey – NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party & the umbrella party Freedoms NZ 

Hannah Tamaki – Vision NZ & the umbrella party Freedoms NZ

Liz Gunn – NZ Loyal

Matt King – Democracy NZ 

We discuss their campaigns, what their main policies are, how the MSM is treating them, are they getting cut through beyond the freedom movement and will they ever unite to take on the establishment parties. 

This is a great first round. Who do you want to see on next? Let us know in the comments.

Outdoors & Freedom Party (Sue Grey):

Vision NZ (Hannah Tamaki):

NZ Loyal (Liz Gunn):

Democracy NZ (Matt King):








It appears we made an error in reporting in this episode that the bill introduced last week to reduce the voting age to 16 requires a super majority of 75% in Parliament. This is as stated in this article in the Guardian “Ardern promises bill to lower voting age to 16 in New Zealand after discrimination ruling” 

Ardern made this promise in November last year just two months before she cut and ran from the Prime Minister’s office.

The bill introduced last week is only for local elections and has a lower bar:

“To lower the voting age of Local Elections requires only a 51% majority in Parliament. To lower the voting age for General Elections requires a 75% majority in Parliament or a referendum. Make It 16 does not support a referendum.”

Counterspin apologises for this error but we will predict this bill will get rammed through under urgency in the dying days of the lame duck government and during an election campaign. We expect that there will be minimal public consultation and little debate in Parliament. This is backed up by the fact that so far there has been little coverage in the state controlled media. Once passed, as is traditional, there will be no appetite for the next government to repeal it and there will be a massive push to get the law amended to include national elections. The leftists pushing this bill also have no appetite for a general referendum on this issue, and as we have seen from National’s woke leadership, they will cave and then only begs the question: If our Supreme Court’s declaration that a voting age of 18 is inconsistent with 16 and 17 year-olds fundamental rights, why stop at 16? 

Won’t infants to 15 year olds also need these rights? All this is coming from a judicial system that declares faults with our government’s interetation of laws and a legislative system where the government can amend those laws under urgency in late night sessions to skip and dance around the same Bill of Rights. This is exactly what happened during the draconian lock downs and was the catalyst that set off the Convoy 2022 and the protests at Parliament.


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