Not the 6 O’Clock News 1st Edition – 25 July 2022

This video first appeared in Counterspin LIVE Episode 67:

Counterspin returns, after a 3 month hiatus from regular broadcasting as they were traveling the length & breadth of NZ on the Let’s Not Forget Tour.

Returning now, stronger than ever, with a commitment to spinning the fake media to help you get to the truth.

Join us for “Not the 6 O’clock News” as we decode propaganda & bring you stories the mainstream won’t.

On the first edition back as we look to connect the dots of the climate change narrative which is now ramping up, along with the big lie that is the Covid-19 virus narrative and how a controlled demolish of society is occurring with the farming crises in Holland and around the world.

Along with Monkeypox and all the other new “variants” Farmer James highlights the new one sweeping NZ.

As schools go back, masks are being mandated again despite PM Ardern thinking she is above the rules herself.

Controversy was abuzz on social media last week with school lockdown procedures worrying parents. A Rangitoto College letter confirmed their worst fears.

The Tokelau whistle-blowers finally get MSM attention although not the kind they are after.

As farmers in Holland were supported by General Flynn, closer to home the leaders of NZ were shutting out the Tax Payer Union for the LGNZ meeting for disagreeing with them on the new 3 Waters proposal.

Groundswell organized a protest at the meeting but many feel the farmers lobby group is too soft despite their attempts to organize a boycott of government farming statiscs collection and highlighting what some call a land grab on the West Coast.

Finally, questions are starting to be asked around Nuremberg 2.0 and whether Russia will be the one to hold the swamp accountable through trials, highlighting corruption in the Ukraine.

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