Mary Byrne: Fluoride Free NZ

This content first appeared in Counterspin LIVE Episode 67:

Mary Byrne is committed to truth & freedom and has been the national coordinator for Fluoride Free NZ for over 20 years.

Mary also started a group called the Freedom Alliance in 2020.

During the recent CSM Let’s Not Forget Tour Mary & her team organized the Wellington event.

She joined us to discuss their protest at the upcoming Wellington Water Committee at the Hutt City Council against fluoridation, which, since going to air has been canceled, CSM

The Council meeting will now be held on zoom where Mary and others will address the meeting opposing fluoridation of Wellington, Hutt Valley and Porirua as it is a neurotoxin.

The meeting can be viewed here from 8.30am on Friday 29th July:

For more information on Fluoride Free NZ:

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