Let’s Not Forget Tour Stop 23 – Hawea Flat Hall – Wanaka – Otago – 11 June 2022

Another great night at the Hawea Flat Hall – Wanaka:


1. Caz – Staffroom bullying and teacher mandates.
2. Randall Richards
Eye-witness testimony is gold. A photo-
journalist’s brief personal account from the USA in 1969
to 2022 at the Wellington protest.
3. Jen – D. None of the above. A new paradigm of
4. Deb – Trauma in the body and how to keep calm and
discern “truth” in the barrage of news.
5. Heather Meri Pennycook – Overveiw of WEF & UN
AGENDA. Hostile Legislation designed to shutdown
Agricultural Sector. Summary of Living Law & How to
Apply It.
6. Robyn Lelievre from Alexandra – “WTF I thought retirement would
be different.”
7. Stevey Chernishov – His details are on the Bluff episode
8. Kim – True community

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