Let’s Not Forget Tour Stop 22 – The Eagle Hotel – Bluff / Invercargill – Southland – 05 June 2022

After more attempts to cancel our events we didn’t give up and The Eagle hosted us in Bluff. 

Geoff the Bee Man will discussed cancel culture and his trip to Picton, Wellington and his pro choice market. 

Dana Lee is a mother of three. She has a passion for truth and has git involved with ending lockdown back in Mid 2020. She is dedicated to bringing true freedom for all. She sees through the lies of cultural Marxism and the conditioning of victim mentalities. 

She’s the most courageous woman

Rob Wilson from the New Nation Party speaking on where we are at as a country, where we are headed and what is being done by some to stop the globalist takeover of our land.

Gill Booth is a wife, mother, Freedom Fighter.

She will discuss the Road to Recovery is through Local Government.

Jaspreet Boparai is a rural mum, wife and a geek who’s had an interest in all things farming, United Nations and Local Government.  An ex-mortgage underwriter who worked with some of India’s largest private sector banks, she moved to New Zealand in 2009 with husband.

Stevey Chernishov, Entrepreneur, Activator of Ideas, Registered Teacher, graduated three times at the University of Otago, focusing on visual arts, education & social research methods. “To build a brand with products that inspires people to see their true identity & shows them how to build a better world.”

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