Let’s Not Forget Tour Stop 18 – Christchurch – Canterbury – 28 May 2022

It was a special night in the heart of Christchurch.

William Bisset, from the Brilin Functional Medicine Centre MC’d the event.

And Yulia Townsend, an internationally acclaimed singer, accompanied by Hanafi Machirus, accomplished jazz guitarist & Tomas Hurnik an Associate Principal Cellist of Christchurch Symphony, provided a wonderful concert as she shared excerpts of her life as an artist under covid restrictions.

Speakers included:

Ross Hebblethwaite – “I Wonder Where This Is Taking Us?” Realizing what is possible in the face of what seems planned.

Tracy Power – Parallel economy, bringing merchants & buyers together in the community to trade/exchange & thrive in the future.

Lee Williams from Cross the Rubicon

Pastor Carl Bromley (Mayoral Candidate) from Is It Just Me Nz?

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