Let’s Not Forget Tour Stop 13 – Taupo – Waikato – 19 May 2022

We were hosted in Taupo by the Pub ‘n Grub on the waterfront who stood strong in the face of cancel culture.

Coordinator and MC for the evening was freedom loving Brent, whose beautiful wife was also courageous enough to speak.

Dick Reaney spoke briefly on the hoax that is “climate change.”

Kathy White, Waikato Regional Councillor, spoke about her stand against discrimination.

Murray Shaw, from Shaw’s Bird Park touched on the 1987 Stockmarket crash and corrupt solicitors.

A special guest, Marta Philip shares the heartbreaking story of her husband’s ongoing incarnation.

The mic was opened up to all. Young poet Luke provided the perfect night cap on the proceedings.

Music by the beautiful Coral.

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