Let’s Not Forget Tour Stop 12 – Hamilton – Waikato – 16 May 2022

Hamilton was another packed house with overflow at Shaw’s Bird Park Barn.

Hosted by the lovely Pip Oxlade.

Murray Shaw told the audience about his battle with the Hamilton City Council who are attempting to build a road through his beautiful property.

Margaret Shaw, Murray’s wife spoke publicly for the first time regarding the anguish she is experiencing.

Catherine Pioletti gave some insight into the Maori history of the area.

Carolyn McKenzie spoke on the U.N Agenda & how it is implemented in Hamilton.

Tony Dixon highlighted EMR pollution.

Donna Pokere-Phillips, the new co-leader of Freedom & Outdoors Party shared that she will be standing for Mayor in the upcoming local body elections.

Others spoke on the plight of farmers and the need for unity.

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