Let’s Not Forget Tour Stop 11 – New Plymouth – Taranaki – 14 May 2022

New Plymouth was on fire, giving Tauranga a run for their money, with a vocal and engaged crowd, MC’d by the vivacious Caro McKee.

Coucillor Murray Chong spoke on 3 Waters and Council Spending.

Councillor Anneka Carlson discussed the Importance of transparency & accountability in local government.

Dr Peter Canaday discussed his current court case against the Medical Council and other revelant business relating to that. Dr Canaday was awarded our “Excellence Award” for his commitment to truth, courage & freedom.

Peter Hardgrave from Marinovich’s Seafood Restaurant talks about his business & how it’s been impacted due to the current pandemic.

Tony Pascoe shares his current battle with NZTA as he fights to keep his home and the beauty of his valley.

Guy Nun, the “Peehive” builder shares his thoughts.

Caro McKee discusses the importance of local elections and announced her own run for council.

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