Watch: Lawyer Sue Grey’s Statement After Judge Reserves Decision on Baby Will

What was supposed to be a half day in court turned into a full day with the judge reserving his decision on Baby Will.

The family’s lawyer, Sue Grey made a public statement outside Auckland High Court on Tuesday.

Baby Will, a 4-month-old child in New Zealand, requires open-heart surgery for a condition known as ‘pulmonary valve stenosis’.

Will’s parents, Samantha and Cole, have requested blood from ‘unvaccinated’ donors. Their concern is that the blood insisted upon by the hospital and blood bank from ‘vaccinated’ donors, could pose a risk to their child.

Samantha and Cole, are being taken to court by the state to have their parental rights removed and a guardian appointed that will no-doubt, override their wishes.

In excess of twenty ‘unvaccinated’ donors have come forward to supply ‘direct-donor’ blood of the type required.

The Pfizer ‘vaccination’ is known to have side-effects that include myocarditis and pericarditis as well as a host of other adverse effects. The hospital and blood bank insist the ‘vaccinated’ blood is safe to use but cannot provide any evidence to substantiate that claim.


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