Kaeo Border Korero is Ka Pai

The Sovereign Hikoi of Truth collective continued today at the Kaeo border in Northland, New Zealand yesterday.

Many people have had enough of the reduction of freedoms under the guise of Covid regulations and the fake narrative created around it.

Locals like Hone Harawira and other iwi leaders would not let the groups go through the border. But a group of determined individuals approached the North & Southside of the border.

Conversations were had on either side and progress was made.

Hone Harawira reportedly drove past and refused to Korero (talk), leaving his border crew to cop the flack from the S.H.O.T collective.

With patience, love and compassion the S.H.O.T collective managed to talk to the hearts of the border workers who, in the end, were open to hearing another perspective on current events.

Whilst not everyone on the South side was able to stay, after much talking they then opened the border and the North team was able to cross to see the remaining South team who had originally been told to turn back some time before the border, where talks were had.

Ultimately it was a success. And there are talks to be had this weekend between the opposing sides.