HIGHLIGHTS – The Let’s Not Forget Tour Stop 1 – The Former New Lynn Lone Star – Auckland – 23 April

Here are the Highlights from the first night on Counterspin Media’s Let’s Not Forget Tour.

See the full show here: https://theinfowar.tv/watch?id=626671df61c3882b8f177fc9

The “Let’s Not Forget” tour has started and as a pre tour warm up we held an evening event at the former Lone Star restaurant New Lynn, Auckland.

The owners, Brendan & Stephanie stood strong against the government vaccine mandates and unfortunately this has meant they have not only lost their business but also their home.

Despite their losses, they have found support within the wider freedom movement and it was a logical place to hold our pre tour gathering. They share their story.

Further speakers include Lynda Wharton from the Health Forum NZ, Amy Benjamin, former law Lecturer at AUT, Elliot Ikilei from the Daily Examiner, Peter Vaughan, a Profiler & mayoral candidate and lastly we hear from Anna Hodgkinson a mother, whose daughter was severely jab injured.

The MC for the night was Damien De Ment and music was provided by DJ Ape Ex & Mark.

It was a wonderful night, attended by over 200 people.

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