HIGHLIGHTS – Let’s Not Forget Tour Stop 2 – The Taipa Barn – Far North

Here are the 15 minute highlights of the Let’s Not Forget bus tour stop 2 held at The Barn in Taipa, Northland. 27 April 2022

You can see the full show here: https://theinfowar.tv/watch?id=626bcde37aee27403a1e7a29

Counterspin favorites Dana Lee & Carlene Hereora make guest appearances amongst a great lineup of speakers.

It was a privilege hearing all the raw & real stories about the recent protest at Wellington, including nurse Robyn McGuire, a mandated A&E nurse who worked in the Wellington med tent for 3 weeks straight almost.

The sad covid casualty stories were important to witness and the creativity & solutions people are implementing in the community is inspiring.

Music was provided by John and Friends at the Barn.

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