Episode 99: Kiwi Parents Unite against the Gender Bender Agenda

The gender bender agenda has been fast rolled out around the world and now it’s here in NZ. One might even argue that it may have originated in New Zealand.  

Many in NZ are unaware that much of the original literature supporting the trans-gender and gender fluidity theories was put out by Dr John William Money, a New Zealand American psychologist, sexologist and professor at Johns Hopkins University known for his research on human sexual behaviour and gender. Money was born in Morrinsville and educated in Hutt Valley and Wellington’s Victoria University before heading off to the USA.

This episode opens with a short video highlighting his work.

The big story this week was that Posie Parker felt too unsafe to come back to NZ. But her message of opposing John Money’s work and standing up for women and children’s rights has been heard loud and clear. 

We are then joined by concerned parents Blair & Hayley who have been holding public meetings to raise awareness about the dangers of the Relationship & Sex Education being rolled out in our schools.

Blair has since started a group called Parents Against Gender Education NZ. 


Kit, a therapist, also joins us to discuss her concerns as an individual, because she is unable to speak in her professional capacity.

This is a great example of Kiwis standing up to project the children. 


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