Episode 94 – Scott Ritter Dissects Agent Zelensky

Hannah rejoins Kelvyn to host Counterspin, after 4 months dedicated to their baby boy Storm. In this episode we are joined by former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer, former United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) weapons inspector Scott Ritter.

Scott is an expert in geopolitics and offers compelling evidence to prove that the war between Russia and the Ukraine is not what legacy media and Western politicians would like you to believe.

Scott fronts a 2 part documentary, Agent Zelensky, that is going viral in independent media circles (recently removed from You Tube) and helps the viewer understand that the secret service is pulling Zelensky’s strings.

Zelensky was an actor in a TV series leading up to his elections and since getting the top job in the Ukraine, he has been paraded around the world like a global super star and pulling top journalists and politicians to meet with him, including those from NZ.

With this conflict, serving as a proxy war for the U.S.A, the documentary discloses, who the real NAZI’s are and how they are influencing the west.


Part 1:https://rumble.com/v2zs3r0-a-scott-ritter-investigation-agent-zelensky-part-1.html

Part2:https://rumble.com/v30nd8w-a-scott-ritter-investigation-agent-zelensky-part-2.html https://www.scottritterextra.com/p/a-scott-ritter-investigation-agent


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