Episode 90: Destiny v Counterspin: The Rebuttal & the Politics of Prophecy

Destiny Church’s Bishop Brian Tamaki is threatening to sue Samantha Edwards and Counterspin Media over the publication of “Samantha Edwards Reports” Episode 5 “Brian & Hannah Tamaki’s COVID Money Trail” – https://madmaxworld.tv/watch?id=647aceb544695d243984b3d6

In this episode, Kelvyn Alp is joined by Samantha Edwards, as she hits back at false allegations made in the Brian Tamaki’s recent statement. 

Brian’s statement is systematically addressed, point by point, and the conversation is delved into in more depth. 

No one will be left in the dark about what is happening with this rebuttal.

Accusations of doctoring, convenient editing and more, have been leveled against Samantha Edwards by online adversaries, therefore, we encourage you to watch the full and unedited clips used in Samantha’s report, which can be found by clicking on the following links:





Kelvyn also reminds everyone that the problematic spike protein contained in the jabs need to be addressed. 

With information coming forward of spike protein replacing male sperm, there could be a lot of rejections from fertile women against jabbed males.

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