Kelvyn Alp is joined by guest co-host Brad Flutey, Horus Media, as we delve into the serious issue of the controlled collapse of our energy sector & why our  independence in this area is a matter of national security.

We will discuss Brad’s Dig in at Marsden campaign & the quest to reinstate Marsden Point oil refinery.

View the website here: https://reinstatemarsdenrefinery.nz

This is followed by an exciting, suppressed solution to the worlds energy woes from a kiwi inventor.

You won’t believe what has happened since Anthony Ballantyne started trying to release this invention to help humanity.

He claims he was framed for murder & has served 8 years of at least a 10 year sentence.

We need your help to get this story out far & wide.

And more importantly, for any of you mechanically minded folk out there, he trusted us to exclusively release the blueprints of the invention & hope you can help us test the invention out.

Anthony says: ‘It starts with a drill at 1000 rpm at 1 end of the ellipse, and when the vortex pathways start, the output of spin at the other end is 276400 rpm. The rise in power is exponential…’

See the animated video and other information here: https://counterspinmedia.com/blog/resources-videos/a-suppressed-solution-to-the-worlds-energy-woes/

Then David Holden from ‘XtraLife’ joins us to discuss an exciting new ‘Spike Detox’ product and explains the science behind it.

Order your ‘Spike Detox’ here : https://xtralife.co.nz/?ref=csm

And finally, since legacy media continues to attack Kelvyn, with the latest piece by Charlie Mitchell coming out in The Press last week, we are joined by Liz Lambert to set Mitchy straight about the subject of allodial title and cite case-law to back it.

View the article here: https://www.thepress.co.nz/a/nz-news/350007918/the-collapse-of-new-freeland-the-sovereign-citizen-utopia-that-wasn-t

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