Episode 87: Weather Wars – Recent Weather New Zealand Weather & Debunking the Climate Cult

The weathers wars are real. The question who or what is creating them?

Nobody can deny severe weather events are happening. MSM presents only two options. Those who believe climate change is natural and therefore you are labelled a climate denier or it’s man-made, caused by the cars, cows & human lifestyle choices.

What if there was a third option – man-made science?

New Zealand has had its own recent major weather events which has left many homes, farms and businesses in ruins. We take a look at the Goverment, MSM and police responses.

We are joined by Tim Baker who went from Tauranga back to his family farm in the Hawkes Bay to help with the massive clean-up. His sources, on the front line, told him the number of dead exceeded what the Government was saying.

Then we talk to Professor Geoffrey Duffy BSc, DipASTC, PhD, DEng about the science that is now censored by MSM and debunks the climate cult. Professor Duffy is emeritus professor at Auckland University having previously been the head of chemical and materials engineering.

We finish then we look at cancel culture in NZ politics now if you believe anything other than the MSM climate narrative and counter that with comments on geoengineering, including George Soros himself recently introducing drastic weather modification plans and also look at what Rosalin Peterson said at the U.N about this crazy weather science.

But wait there’s more! At the very end there is either a surprise announcement or just another Alp’s Yelp (rant). You’ll have to stay to the end to find out.

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