EPISODE 86: Romainian Bombshell – Turkey at War?

Globalists caused Turkish earthquakes as a warning? If so, Turkey is at war.

Romanian Senator Diana Iovanovici Sosoaca went viral this week with a powerful speech calling out deep state players, highlighting that the recent Turkish earthquakes were created by weaponised technologies such as HAARP, or even more reent tectonic weapon technologies.

Today she tells Counterspin Media that she has access to intelligence sources that reveal that this scenario is not only possible, but likely.

Diana is a mother of 3, lawyer and parliamentarian who had the courage of a lion and is well known for wearing a dog muzzle in Parliament to protest mask mandates and encourage people not to get jabbed. She only speaks backed up by facts and evidence, and so this episode is a must watch.

We round up this episode with an observation about recent severe weather events in New Zealand.

For the full “PEOPLE HAD TO DIE, AND IT’S NOT OVER YET” speech, see our special report at 23 min 27 sec: https://theinfowar.tv/watch?id=63ec2e55048d7e3373b6e25f

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