Episode 79: Ardern’s Will is Ill Will for Will – Baby Will’s Life at the Mercy of the Court



WILL SAVAGE-REEVES a 4mth-old from New Zealand requires open heart surgery, for this, he will require a blood transfusion.

Will’s parents wish for their baby son to receive ‘unvaccinated’ blood.

Auckland hospital intends to undertake the surgery using ‘VACCINATED’ blood and have taken a case against the parents to the high court. They are seeking the removal of the parents’ right to choose.

This story has now gone global with many weighing in on the case. The High Court of New Zealand has deferred this case to Tuesday, 06th December 2022 where both sides will present their arguments.

The Blood Bank and the Auckland Hospital have refused their request for direct donor unvaccinated blood, for which they have 20+ willing and suitable donors on standby.

In this episode we have a discussion with Liz Gunn about the work she has done with Will and his family.

We play clip from two interviews with the family and play the second one in full at the end.(At the 50 minute mark)

We also serve notice to the MSM and call on the truth and freedom community to unite to save this baby’s life. We also call out and challenge ‘The Platform’, a podcast that portrays itself to be different from the mainstream media hacks, but its actions seem anything but.

This is a time-sensitive and desperate situation where any further delays could be life-threatening.

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party’s co-leader Sue Grey was in court in her capacity as a lawyer this morning defending the family.

Please share as widely as you can to raise awareness and STOP this insanity!

For financial support to help cover medical costs for the Savage Reeves family, please consider donating to:

Samantha Savage 06-0663-0388886-00


ANZ’s SWIFT code is ANZBNZ22. Note: If the other party requires an 11-digit SWIFT, use ANZBNZ22XXX

Free NZ website: https://FreeNZ.org

If you have suggestions to help, Liz Gunn can be contacted here: mailto://liz.gunn.org

PART 1 Video available on Rumble here – https://rumble.com/v1xllk6-freedom-to-choose-clean-blood.html

This is a human rights issue and one that could affect any one of us.

Furthermore, Liz tirelessly fundraises for many in the community who need financial support.

FreeNZ rarely ask for donations to support their important work, so if you’d like to give back to her on this special day, please consider donating here:

FREENZ: 03-0252-0392354-003