Episode 78: Countering the Narrative – Live from the Skyliner

Hannah & Kelvyn were LIVE from the Skyliner, in Waipu, Northland. At the time our LIVE stream and backup channel were interfered with and unable to go ahead.

CSM hosts were joined by a fantastic panel of guests to counter the current narratives around the CIA & media collusion, the NZ media landscape & Security Intelligence Service, the Covid-19 scamdemic and climate change.

The format included poignant, undisputed videos, primarily from the mainstream media, giving the panelists a starting point for each discussion.

We featured a video of former CIA intelligence agent, Frank Snepp, discussing his work, feeding propaganda to prominent journalists during the Vietnam War.

The late Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist at the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper, exposes the CIA directions to journalists & their “unofficial cover” status.


We discuss the NZ Security Intelligence Service, who recently asked people to dob in suspected terrorists and have released a document to help identify radicals:

Ed Dowd breaks down the latest jab research on the War Room Pandemic to support our discussion on Covid-19:

The video we played of John Kerry, at Cop27, explains the creation of a need for climate change solutions, like what was done with the jab & Covid-19.

Liz Gunn former MSM broadcaster and now truth reporter at http://freenz.org

Amy Benjamin, former AUT Law Lecturer & truth commentator at The American Spirit channel

Damien DeMent, Counterspin Media contributor & a leading voice in NZ’s truth community.

Brad Flutey, Horus Media & and The Dig in at Marsden campaign coordinator.

You will want to stay tuned until the end for a Q&A seesion you’ll never see on MSM.

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