Episode 73 – The Show they tried to Cancel – Lessons from Across the Ditch

On Monday 22nd August, the night before the Freedom & Rights Coalition’s Peoples’ Court rally on parliament steps in Wellington, Counterspin Media was about to live stream 2 key interviews with two prominent guests from Australia. The Counterspin crew experienced several unusual and unexpected anomalies causing problems with the streaming systems, and as the stream went out live, it was so degraded that the audience could not view it.

At the same time, Avi Yemini was prevented from boarding a flight from Melbourne to cover the People’s Court rally.

Three days later on Thursday 25th August more than one location was searched by the police and Counterspin’s production systems were seized in a police search, which also resulted in the arrest of the Counterspin Media hosts. This show, Episode 73, was seized in the raid as it was being prepared for re-release. The Show has now been recovered from caches on the internet and restored so it can now be exhibited as it was intended.

Here is the show you were supposed to see on 22nd August, and appears to be a show “they” didn’t want you to see.


Tonight we talk to Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts and Maria Zeee of Zeee Media on the Geopolitical climate our cousins in Australia are currently facing and what they see happening in the future.

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