Episode 67: Connecting the Dots

Counterspin are back to studio broadcasting after 3 months on the road on the Let’s Not Forget Tour.

Join us for “Not the 6 O’clock News” as we spin the fake media propaganda & bring you stories the mainstream won’t.

Virologist & immunologist MUST watch: https://www.bitchute.com/video/btuJXs0glmla/

Guest line-up:

Brian Tamaki, TFARC leader, will discuss the successful motorway shut down over the weekend.

Donna Pokere-Phillips, co-leader of the Outdoors & Freedom Party, shares the real reason she believes her father suddenly died & who she holds accountable.

Mary Byrne, national coordinator for Fluoride Free NZ, joins us to discuss their upcoming Wellington event. 

Mahelino Patelesio & Danny Pelasio are whistle-blowers exposing horrific treatment of the unvaccinated in Tokelau. The levels of abuse have ramped up a notch as the island officials try to stop them bringing light to this terrible situation.

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