Episode 66 – “COVID” Bioweapon Exposed with Dr Tau Braun

“Safe & Effective” or the Most Toxic Substance on the Planet?

Dr Tau Braun is a US national counter terrorism advisor and for 2 years has been investigating the bio-synthetic aspects of Sars Covid 2 and the possibility the “vaxxne” is a military grade biological weapon with the inclusion of synthetic snake venom, which he exposed before Dr Arsis and “Watch the Water” went viral.

Dr Tau mentions New Zealand becoming a bolt hole for deep state players as well as with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s involvement.

We discuss recent bombshell information that Dr Tau has been researching; synthetic venoms along with synthetic pathogens.

Dr Tau talks about lectins, carbohydrates & acidity which provides the correct PH for the synthetic venom lectin to thrive in the environment.

Visit his website here: https://www.drtaubraun.com/

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