Episode 60: Bioforming Our Future

On tonight’s episode we are connecting some dots in regards to where the “vaccination” agenda is heading, hand in glove with 5G.

Before we talk to our guest David Holden, a Natural Medicine practitioner with a background in Microbiology & Biochemistry, we break down the latest headlines and other news stories we think are pertinent to understanding the current situation.

David then discusses his involvement in the latest research coming out of NZ regarding the nano-technology being found in the mRNA bio technology, with Dr Matt Shelton’s latest comments on Zee Media.

David goes into Dr Zelenko’s comments regarding the mRNA jab and the resulting Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

We then look at the way the “vaccine” technology is being developed, in the context of the Codex Alimentarius and how this is now influencing NZ (and global) policies and laws with amendments being made to current legislation regarding natural medicines.

This will finally lead to a discussion about increased numbers of natural health doctors dying under mysterious circumstances.

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