Episode 56: Resisting the Reset

Tonight we look at the latest Covid stories in the MSM the we are joined by a wonderful lineup of guests.

Dr Guy Hatchard, from the hatchardreport.com breaks down latest Covid stats.

Alan Simmons & Sue Grey, co-leaders of the Outdoors & Freedom party update us on Alan’s broken hip at the hands of police as the recent Wellington protest was shut down. 

Amy Benjamin, former law lecturer let’s us know her thoughts on the recent happenings in Wellington & what might happen moving forward.

Finally we are joined by current community advocate, former policeman & National Party MP, Matt King, to get his take on the police brutality.

  • Positive changes in Taupo
  • Judge orders an 11 year old to get jabbed
  • Sandra Gaoudie
  • NZDOS Fear
  • Guest Guy Hatchard
  • Pfizer Document
  • MOH Facts
  • NZDOS Press Release
  • Reference statistics from Pfizer & MOH
  • Guests Alan Simmonds & Sue Grey
  • Police Thuggery
  • Guest Amy Benjamin
  • Cyber Attack
  • Guest Matt King

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