Episode 55: Counterspin Media: The Truth Virus – Reflections & Directions

After recovering from a tough month in Wellington, tonight we reflect on the way the Mainstream Media & members of Parliament attacked Counterspin Media during the CONVOY NZ 2022 Wellington protest.

We contextualize current local & international issues including political polls, a media merger, the energy “crisis,” the war in the Ukraine and the Great Reset.

The Counterspin Media national tour gets announced.

Video content and comment covering:

  • Kelvyn schools up tvnz & newshub
  • CSM as a target
  • Narrative is moving on in NZ & globally
  • RNZ/TVNZ merger
  • Food shortages
  • Economic supply chain
  • Marsden Point
  • Global warming narrative, reduce fossil fuels
  • Biden shut down fuel pipe lines
  • NZ only has 20 days of diesel supplies
  • Lack of people to deliver goods
  • Global great reset. Ukraine.
  • Ukraine Biolabs
  • Reference statistics from Pfizer & MOH
  • David Seymour Twitter comments
  • Chris Bishop
  • Labour going down in polls
  • WEF
  • Jacinda Adern


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