Episode 100 – Nick Patterson: I Fought the Law & the LAW LOST!

In this episode we cover police brutality. 

The big story this week in NZ was the Free NZ trial. We bring you up to speed on what has happened to Liz Gunn & Jonathan Clark. 

Following that we delve into the big story across the ditch, where a win against the system should put some wind in the freedom sails. 

Nick Patterson, a champion Australian MMA fighter, has achieved what many thought was impossible – he fought the law, and won!

Facing the worlds most extreme lockdowns, Australians were fortunate to have someone brave enough like Nick to take the state on as he simply exorcised his God given rights during a time where it was dangerous to do so. 

Nick fought to keep his gym open, defended his friends and organised many pushbacks against the covid tyranny. As a consequence he has had four cases to answer to and recently he was vindicated in one such case when the judge ruled that evidence presented by the police was inadmissible in court, and ruling that Victoria police used unlawful tactics & unjustifiable violence against protestors. This could see police being charged.   

For the past four years, he has faced prosecution by corrupt authorities due to his vocal stance against official narratives. Despite these challenges, Nick remains steadfast in his mission, amplifying his message through platforms like his Telegram channel, Fight Corrupt Police.

At his core, Nick Patterson embodies resilience, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to fighting for what is right, making him a powerful voice for change in his community and beyond.

Find Nick on Telegram: https://t.me/fightcorruptpolice

Australian Peacemakers:  https://www.australianpeacemakers.com


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