EPIC FAIL: New Zealand Media Attack on Counterspin Fizzles

The NZ Herald is New Zealand’s largest circulating newspaper and sent one of their veteran reporters to write hit pieces on Counterspin Media this week.

David Fisher, journalist of 30+ years, has been sent to discredit our host Kelvyn Alp and Chief Medical Correspondent Shane Chafin, calling their friends, family, past employers & acquaintances.

Fisher called Chafin and we released that phone call, then on the 13th of November, the Weekend Herald dropped a weak attempt at a hit piece on Shane.

In the video above, Shane & Kelvyn destroy Fisher’s article and the world finds out who the real racists are.

Listen to Shane’s phonecall with fake media journalist, David Fisher here: https://counterspinmedia.com/blog/resources-episodes/csm-vs-msm