Ep 49 – Covid Narrative Collapses while New Zealand Police Ransack and Loot Pastor’s Home

As Counterspin’s first episode of 2022 was being put together, NZ continued to spiral into a police state based on the constructed Covid narrative as police ransack & loot a Pastor’s home and steal his belongings.

Pastor Carl Bromley was out enjoying a New Year’s eve meal, when the police broke into his place and stole his firearm & ammunition.

We play his initial video telling the world what happened and will bring you an interview with him in person in an upcoming episode.

Furthermore, hot on the heals of our interview with Dr Mark Bailey, who destroyed the virus narrative, we now have Craig Hutchinson, a Chemical Engineer with distinction, who continues the Covid narrative collapse.

Craig is the coauthor of the Heterodoxy Society document that Counterspin released on request last year.

Kelvyn chats to Craig, an MS sufferer, about his research on Covid and the constructed narrative and what it means for mankind.