David Icke weighs in on Baby Will & Jacinda Ardern (From the “We Are Will” Truthathon)

Counterspin Media, Free NZ Media, and United Free Press hosted an all day live-stream “Truthathon” event to pull in experts from around New Zealand and the world to lay out facts & evidence in support of baby Will who is the latest target of the globalist death cult.

4-month-old twin Will, needs lifesaving heart surgery! But the medical staff at Starship Children’s Hospital and the New Zealand Blood & Organ Service will not work together with Will’s family to allow Will to get access to the un-jabbed blood his parents have prearranged. The blood bank should have jab-free blood available and it should never have got to this situation.

NOW starship lawyers are taking court action to remove parental rights over innocent child.

The feature of the event was the keynote and final speaker David Icke who joined us in the 12th hour to lay out the global plan for humanity and said he looks forward to returning to New Zealand to see Jacinda Adern in her cell.

David connects the dots that form the death cult seeking to rule our planet, and ties together the links between this cabal and world leaders including Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau and of course New Zealand’s own Jacinda Ardern. He said he looks forward to returning to New Zealand to see Adern in her cell.

Young Baby Will has now found himself at the centre of a stoush that could eventually shine a huge spotlight on the New World Order. When the people of New Zealand and the world see how they are coming after our children there is hope that the people will see the light and decide this is a line that should never be crossed.

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