Counterspin Media Chief Medical Correspondent, Shane Chafin takes NZ Herald veteran “reporter” David Fisher to pieces in this lively telephone call, listen above👆

Info we have to hand, indicates the NZ Government has decided CSM needs to be silenced & the attack dogs have been set loose, to discredit us.

Silencing the people’s voice is becoming more difficult than they could have imagined.

When dealing with a ‘fact and evidence’ based organisation, they have nothing in their arsenal that can penetrate the truth.

As they line up their ever compliant minions of misinfo & fake news, CSM will send them to the mat wondering what hit them.

WARNING: If you are coming after CSM, you better have your tissues handy & your counselor on speed dial. You’re going to need them both.

Listen to the entire call. We released it prior to the intended hit piece being released 🎯

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