CS 97 WHO are the Bastards Killing Us Part 2 – Return of the Plandemic

Alex Jones recently broke the news recently that covid restrictions will be making a comeback in September/October. To support this “prediction” we go back into the archives to find a few clips where Alex Jones was proven right with previous predictions.

How will NZ be influenced by the World Health Organisation during the next plandemic? What petitions have gone out regarding the WHO? Could you get access to therapeutics that could help you and your family combat any new “variants”? Could this next wave of “covid” affect the NZ election in October? What can you do to ensure election integrity remains?

To further understand the international influence on NZ regarding the World Health Organisation, and their pandemic plans, we are joined by NZDSOS Pharmacist, Mark Webster, who recently went viral in NZ speaking out about the WHO documents and how the former NZ Director General of Health Sir Ashley Bloomfield is now involved. 

See video here: https://www.facebook.com/100013667265891/videos/311274868227820/

Following on, Greg Rzesniowiecki joins us to tell us about the petitions he launched regarding the WHO.

Petition of Greg Rzesniowiecki: Hold a referendum before signing the proposed WHO pandemic treaty:
https://petitions.parliament.nz/2bc56985-22b1-48bf-a44c-667122be4b6ePetition of Greg Rzesniowiecki: Hold a referendum before amending International Health Regulations:

Evidence and Reasons here, same document for both the above petitions:

Paper:  https://www.parliament.nz/resource/en-NZ/53SCPET_EVI_130536_PET4507/4920b1c90c3a20d4dcc94162a3be9dd934d23d7a

Appendix:  https://www.parliament.nz/resource/en-NZ/53SCPET_EVI_130536_PET4508/e9c2d90b8b863067f3ca180f29eaf0a1ac3bcb9e

VFF blog; “The WHO’s Power Grab in the name of health”


From 2022; Petition of Greg Rzesniowiecki: Undertake a public inquiry into the national COVID-19 response


Greg’s evidence, reasons, and proposed terms of reference are available at this link:



From 2021 Petition to fix the Bill of Rights; Amend Section 5 and add a new section 5A to the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990, submissions and advice provided to the Committee: https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/sc/submissions-and-advice/all?


Greg’s blog on how to fix the Bill of Rights:  https://values-compasspointsinaposttruthworld.blogspot.com/2023/06/how-to-fix-bill-of-rights-to-stop.html

Greg Rzesniowiecki on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/gregfullmoon/

Contact by email:  [email protected]

Dr Alsion Goodwin from NZDSOS joins us to discuss her recent win and what you can do to keep you and your family healthy.

This is a link to one of the NZDSOS Ivermectin articles that links to a number of short videos.

If people just search Ivermectin on the nzdsos.com website, there are a number of articles.

This is College of GPs notice re Ivm in Sept 2021

This is the write-up for Dr. Goodwin’s recent court case win.

The speakers and other information about the conference are on this page

The Election Integrity Project contact:
[email protected]


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