Counterspin aims to be a platform for voices the mainstream silences.

This week we are joined by a collaborative group of individuals from NZ & the U.S.

At Week’s End News analyses the latest Covid narrative with host Kelvyn Alp & co-host Brad Flutey.

This group consists of 4 anonymous Patriots (2 Kiwis, 2 Americans) that met each other back in 2019 as moderators for the Matrixxx/Groove Show before it was taken off of Youtube and have been digging together on the truth behind the corruption in America and the rest of the world ever since.

Kiwi and Sue are a husband and wife team of investigative journalists. Kiwi works full time, though he dedicates all his spare time to research, a specialist in deep history and Tesla’s work.

Sue is the full time anonymous writer for At Week’s End News and specializes in the Occult.

Both were veteran moderators on the MG Show on youtube.

Kia is the team’s flight path specialist and deep researcher on International events, also located in New Zealand. Also works full time but dedicates his free time to exposing the truth and is a well-rounded decoder.

Sparky is the team’s America located producer and broadcaster of the show. A long time researcher, Sparky specializes in American conspiracies and has an extensive knowledge of the American deep state and is also a seasoned researcher.




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