Counterspin Media’s Kelvyn Alp interview on the Platform with Michael Laws

After the release by government funded New Zealand media outlet Stuff of the propaganda hit piece “Fire and Fury” which targeted Counterspin Media and hosts Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer as misinformation villains, we can clearly see this lavishly funded attack has has spectacularly backfired.

This week has seen in a surge of interest from the general public in a range of topics from jab injuries and the underlying issues that led to the massive protest on Parliament grounds that ended in “fire and fury” after protesters stood their ground until the jackbooted thugs masquerading as the New Zealand Police brought it to a violent end.

Meanwhile, New Zealand has a new non government funded media talk show outlet that is seriously taking on the MSM talking heads with there new platform appropriately called “The Platform”

In the aftermath of the “Fire and Fury” hit piece, the Platform has been giving voice to the organisations and individuals attacked in the piece including a three hour special devoted to giving a call in opportunity to the jab injured in New Zealand and putting a spotlight on advocate Lynda Wharton of Health Forum NZ which is compiling a database of jab deaths and injuries under the banner of Health Form NZ.

Prior to this, the Platform invited Counterspin Media’s own Kelvyn Alp on to give a response to the Fire and Fury “documentary”. Previously he was scheduled to be interviewed by former politician Rodney Hide who does show great concern for what happened at the Wellington protests as we all as the “vaxx” injured, and indeed hosted the 3 hour session on jab injured, doing a great job with that. Instead, the Platform rescheduled Kelvyn to be interviewed by their one MSM mindset “rottweiler” host Michael Laws. Michael introduced Counterspin’s Kelvyn Alp as “… somebody who is probably regarded by the mainstream media as almost the devil and a leading purveyor pf misinformation and conspiracy theories.”

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